Last Call: KFC Uses Edward Lee’s Goatee As A Mind-Control Device

Eater: KFC is using Top Chef contestant Edward Lee‘s goatee as a brain controlling device to promote Korporate Fried Chicken on the internet. Either that, or he needed some money.

New York Times: In the latest edition of Articles Comparing Food To Rock Music comes this missive detailing the ways that restaurants bring people together, much like record stores in the past. Of course, it pretty much focuses on things that happen in Brooklyn.

HuffPost Gay Voices: An interview and photo spread of Zachary Koval, the 2012 winner of PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door. Men, women, vegetarians, and carnivores will all want to eat him up.

New York Times: Florence Fabricant puts on her Graham Greene hat and writes this profile of the famed Vietnamese dish cha ca la Vong, and all the famous American chefs (Jean-Georges, Dale Talde, and Angelo Sosa, among others) who fell in love with it.

Imbibe and Inspire: Jamie Bissonette does an interview about his influences, which include alcohol and Anthony Bourdain.

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