Last Call: Man Eats Brie on Subway, Gets New York Mag Writeup

New York Magazine: This gentleman was riding the subway, minding his own damn business, eating an enormous block of brie with his fingers, and some guy starts snapping photos and sending them to New York Magazine for a writeup. We ask you, food community, would anyone have thought anything of a woman doing the same? No. Everyone simply would have thought that she was dealing with her feelings in a healthful way. Stand with us, friends, for #MensBrieRights.

Huffington Post: Questlove gives tips for throwing awesome dinner parties, the best of which is obviously ‘spin The Golden Girls theme song.’

Kotaku: Today in ‘terrible Japanese chains attempting to replicate terrible American chain’s news: the rib patty, beef patty, fried shrimp patty, cheeseburger mashup topped with fried egg and teriyaki. Can we please stop with this now?

Eater: Robert Sietsema rails against reality TV’s nasty habit of bestowing the honorific of “Chef” to every yahoo competing: “Turn on any Food Network show and you’ll see someone pompously pronouncing, ‘Good job, Chef Diddlywhit!'”

Twitter: The latest political ad from a New York mayoral candidate takes a scathing pass at Bill de Blasio, using coffee. (Just kidding, this is the cutest ever.)

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