Last Call: This Candy-Crane Might Collapse And Kill Dozens Of Gingerbread Men

Architizer: What is the best way to memorialize incompetence, Scrooge-like parsimony, and reckless endangerment of others? This gingerbread model of the New York City crane notoriously destroyed by Hurricane Sandy is a strong contender for that title! (It’s also called the “Candy-Crane,” which gives it extra LOL points.)

The Economist: Once upon a time in an empire of legend, the hordes of Genghis Khan swept across three continents, eating nothing but horse meat and screaming their bloodlust into the winds of the Mongolias steppes. Eight hundred years later, veggie burgers are catching on in Ulaan Bataar.

Yahoo! Sports: There are few things that make the Man of Man Vs. Food cry, but apparently, visiting the home of soccer football soccer team Tottenham Hotspurs will do the trick. Video is included of a blubbering Adam Richman.

Oregon Live: A fight broke out between food cart vendors and “a pack of homeless street youth” today in Portland, with both sides reporting that their opponents were armed with “armed with brass knuckles, knives and a police-style baton.” We would not be surprised if this was a flash mob stunt to be included in the next season of Portlandia.

Food & Wine: After a recent trip to Noma, chef Dan Barber thinks that the evolution of food don’t need no stinkin’ silverware:  “You can’t eat ants with silverware.” True dat, Dan. True dat.

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