Last Call: It’s New Lucky Peach Issue O’Clock!

Grub Street: And in the fifth issue of Lucky Peach, we see all sorts of wondrous feats performed: Harold McGee turns rice into wine! Roy Choi cooks delicious recipes! Martin Yan reminds you that Yan Can Cook (Really Well)!

Eater: Burger King Japan comes out with a burger layered with strips of fried kabocha pumpkins, becoming the Japanese replacement of bacon. We didn’t know that the Japanese were as obsessed with pumpkins as us Americans.

Seattle Met: It costs a lot of money to be the host city for Top Chef, with Seattle putting together a $300,000 bid to win this season’s spot. Oh my goodness, Top Chef is really becoming the Chef Olympics.

The Daily Meal: Will Ferrell stars in a Swedish beer commercial, because han är en komiker och det är bara de saker han gör för skojs skull. (We think.)

El Pais (in Spanish): And now for some serious news. Juli Soler, the former director of el Bulli and Ferran Adria’s business partner for the last 30 years, announced today that he was stepping down from his position as the executive director of the el Bulli foundation due to an unspecified neurodegenerative disease. We wish him all the best in his treatment.


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