Last Call: Richard Rosendale Is Going All Rocky For The Bocuse d’Or

The Washington Post: Holy crap, this profile of Richard Rosendale’s intense training for the Bocuse d’Or makes us feel weak. He’s got physical trainers and coaches and stuff. Heck, we even think he’s going to start pummeling those hams, Rocky Balboa-style.

Grub Street: Bro, we’re so bro’d out over this report that the bro-bev Gatorade is being recalled because it contains brominated vegetable oil. But “brominated” does not mean that this is the chillest of oils. It, in fact, causes uncool things like “brain, fertility, and thyroid problems as well as early-onset puberty.” Stop feeding Gatorade to the little bros, bro.

The New York Times: 7,000 years ago, humans first started making cheese. Civilization and fart jokes blossomed immediately afterwards.

Huffington Post: The lawyer for BPI, the company that manufactured the infamous “pink slime,” is suing Jamie Oliver, Diane Sawyer, and everyone who ever wrote everything against pink slime, in a defamation lawsuit asking for $70,000 in damages. Jeez, Jamie, you seem to have hurt someone’s feelings.

Eater: Shhhhhh. Guys. You can’t use the word “Craft” anymore, seriously. Tom Colicchio is on the prowl for any other restaurant using that word. Remember San Francisco’s Crafthouse? It’s calling itself “Caskhouse” now. It enrolled in the Tom Colicchio protection program.

Bloomberg: Walmart is among the two dozen companies bidding on the sinking ship known as Hostess to rescue Twinkie production. The question is, will being bought out by Walmart make Twinkies better or worse…?

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