Lidia Bastianich: Increasingly Knowledgable Diners Challenge Chefs To ‘Stay Ahead Of The Curve’

Brush your shoulders off, dining public. Celebrity chef and restaurateur Lidia Bastianich admitted on The Start-up With Rebecca Jarvis that an increasingly discerning dining population is forcing chefs to up their game. She chalks our brimming knowledge up to the internet, extensive (read: obsessive) research into where we choose to eat, and a renewed policing of sustainable and healthful cooking methods, which, in turn, compels chefs to “stay ahead of the curve.”

TLDR; the fact that you have every single item on the Mission Chinese menu memorized means that McDonald’s now serves salads and uber-expensive white tablecloth restaurants are buckling via some food enthusiast-driven trickle-down economics. Check out Lidia’s appearance below.

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