WATCH: Mario Batali Spanks Sugar All Over Jennifer Grey

Today, The Chew decided to celebrate three things that they loved very deeply: the food of New York City, the 25th anniversary of Dirty Dancing, and super subtle television flirting.

Mario Batali invited sexy fox Jennifer Grey onto the show to help him, er, stuff some cannolis. “What’s not to love about this young, beautiful woman?” he effused, as she listed her favorite restaurants (which happened to include Babbo) and conveniently forgot that Grey is a year older than him. “You’re hot, you’re smart, you’re well-spoken, you dance like a star!”

The moment that Grey adds four tablespoons of butter is the moment that Mario Batali realizes that he’s really next to his celebrity crush, and when she insists that she knows how to use a food processor pulse button, he cattily responds, “I know you can pulse.”

And it just gets more sexy as the cannoli-stuffing commences, complete with sensual dough-rolling and Fifty Shades Of Grey references.

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