Mario Batali

The 13 Most Infamous Chef Feuds

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FOOD FIGHT: Mario Batali Vs. Jimmy Fallon

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Penn Station is Now Amazing, Thanks to Mario Batali

Top Chef: Where Are They Now? Ilan Hall

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Iron Chef Kerry Simon Dies: Reactions, Legacy

Mario Batali and Others Join Spoontember Movement

Dan Barber Recruits Chefs to Cook With Food Waste at Blue Hill

Mario Batali Is So Hip, He Wrote a Forward For a Fake Brooklyn Cookbook

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Anderson Cooper Addresses Candle Prank, Cancels Staff Christmas Party

Where Have All the Female Chef Mentors Gone?

Paula, Guy, Mario, Padma: How to Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity Chef This Halloween

New Ranking Of Highest-Grossing Restaurants Makes Us Never Want To Be a Restauranteur

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