WATCH: Mark Bittman Begs America To Please Buy Heritage Pork

Listen. Do you want a fatty, delicious, rich, salty-sweet pork dish, capable of leaving your dinner guests insisting that you audition for next season of MasterChef? Then you must stop buying industrial pork. It’s bred to be lean and that, according to Mark Bittman, has a lot to do with why pork doesn’t taste as good as it used to. So, yes, it’s more expensive, but please, Mark Bittman is begging you, just buy heritage pork.

“It’s better in every way,” he assures. Do it. Factory-raised pork isn’t earning anyone any Top Chef coats. And as Tyler Florence once pointed out — what’s more expensive? Buying organic or diabetes?

Check out Mark Bittman’s plea on behalf of pigs everywhere below.

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