WATCH: Team Bourdain Went Down Last Night On The Taste

Right out the gate on last night’s episode of The Taste, Anthony Bourdain pointed out that his was the only team with all its members intact, which perfectly set him up to be taken down during the challenges.

He rolled up into the first challenge for guest judges Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone with four badass chicks from the Moulin Rouge, while Nigella, Ludo, and Malarkey attempted to bolster their fragmented teams to immunity. Unfortunately for Everyone Who Hates Douchebags, that cocky guy from Team Ludo won, and after the blind taste test, two of Anthony’s cooks wound up on the bottom.

Mia the Harvard girl was ultimately sent home for burnt bread (she was among the few competitors to make it from scratch), but she didn’t go down without challenging Nigella and Malarkey’s critiques. Nigella was — how you say — gobsmacked?

Check out the fight below.

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