WATCH: Michael Psilakis And George Stephanolpoulos Cultivate Bromance Over Their Greekness

Michael Psilakis stopped by GMA this morning to prove once and for all that he is not Michael Symon demo his favorite ways to serve up leftovers by Greek-ifying them. Nothing a little garlic and feta won’t dress up, right guys? Impressively, all the GMA hosts managed to keep him straight from his chef doppelganger (who also happens to be an ABC regular) Michael Symon, but that’s probably because they gave up on talking and just started eating halfway through the demo. Oddly, we find this preferable to constant interruption when they try to help dump and stir, so maybe we’re okay with that.

Also, Michael was busy developing a bromance with fellow Greek GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos (see ladyanchor’s majorly jealous snarkface above). They swapped grill tips and George congratulated him on opening new locations of his resto MP Taverna, “trying to bring Greek food into the mainstream of dining.” Clearly, a cause close to George’s heart.

Unrelated: we know he’s a big shot GMA anchor now, but is it bad that whenever we watch George Stephanopoulos, all we can think about is Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe spying on him from the balcony across the street, hoping that he drops the towel? Sigh. Clinton-era sit-coms. It was a simpler time.

Check out the Greek feast below.

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