Mumford And Sons To Produce Whiskey By Stomping Feet, Clapping Hands

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Mumford and Sons are making their own whiskey. (You, in the back? You’re not surprised? You’ve never even heard of Mumford and Sons? Wow. You must have a strong heart and an uncorrupted soul.)

Where were we? Right. In news that should surprise no one except for that man in the back, pop-folk band and handlebar mustache convention Mumford and Sons confirmed that they were in the beginning stages of setting up their own distillery. “It’ll happen,” keyboard player Ben Lovett told The Sun . “It takes a few years to make, so we better [get] cracking.”

Gosh, Key of Awesome! That’s a clever parody of Mumford and Sons. Will that be in your next music video? Hold on, yes, you in the back again — wait, that’s what Mumford and Sons are really doing?

Wow, man in the back, you’re quite observant.

[ via Grub Street]

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