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Museum Of Food And Drink Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Can Now Buy Air Cannon Accessories

Thanks to the contributions of thousands of people who love both food and explosions, Dave Arnold and the in-progress Museum Of Food and Drink (MOFAD) can now purchase accessories for their shiny new toy: this badass, 3200-pound air puffing cannon that does nothing but explode food.

The Kickstarter, which we covered when it first launched, met its $80,000 goal with three days left to fund it, meaning that if anyone continues to fund it, the famous Booker and Dax bartender might be able to buy a few more exploding food machines — like, say, a couple dozen Whirly-Pops. (Why would Dave Arnold need a couple dozen Whirly-Pops? Why the hell not?)

To remind you how freaking amazing an air cannon is and why exactly it needs accessories like a platform, a glass box, and an eveningwear outfit (because why not), here’s the Kickstarter video from MOFAD’s page:

Thank you for making his dreams come true.

[Twitter, Kickstarter]

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