NBC Won’t Drop Adam Richman’s Show

Despite the controversy surrounding Adam Richman after he made some really terrible comments to strangers on Instagram, not everyone is dropping him: unlike the Travel Channel, NBC won’t be canceling Richman’s new show, Food Fighters.

The cooking competition show will go on as planned, premiering on July 22nd, and according to a call Eater covered, NBC is really, really, really trying hard to pretend that Richman didn’t tell a woman on Instagram to kill herself:

NBC held a conference call Q&A with Richman yesterday and when a representative from a newspaper asked, “Did your Twitter brouhaha — did that affect you in any way negatively?” A rep for the network on the call swiftly shut the question down: “We’re only focusing on Food Fighter questions today, thank you.” Richman ever humble, added that he didn’t want to “overshadow” the people that “put in some really great work on the show.”

A helpful reminder to people, in case they forget: Adam Richman told a woman on Instagram to “grab a razor blade and draw a bath” after she attempted to explain that a certain hashtag would link to photos of anorexic women.


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