Oh Hey, Katie Button and Rosio Sánchez: Marie Claire Gets On the Lady Chef Train

Marie Claire Gets On the Lady Chef Train 

And only two of the six awesome women working in food were asked about clothing, which makes our hearts happy (and Elle magazine to continue to look pretty bad).

Realizing that women in food are what you might call a. big. deal, Marie Claire features six women working in food in the December issue’s “Fresh Faces” series. In the group, there’s Celestine Maddy, a founder of a cult gardening magazine (which now thinking about it sounds even cooler than Cherry Bombe); Sue Chan, the brand director of the Momofuku empire; and Emma Zimmerman, a manager of a heritage grain flour mill (because heritage grains are the new hot kale). And then there are the women whose names are already becoming well-known: Tamar Adler, author and host of a new food column in the New York Times Magazine; Katie Button, a James Beard-nominated chef and the host of that baller international TV series World’s Best Chef; and Rosio Sánchez, pastry chef extraordinaire and about-to-be taco legend for Rene Redzepi. And so yeah, none of these women are over 40 years old and they’re officially cooler than anyone we’ve ever met. Seriously, does everyone look as cool as Sánchez when they’re at the farmer’s market??

Some of the best lines from the article? Sánchez drops tidbits about the new taco venture with Redzepi, saying that she only wants to create a space that’s “fun” and that she’s “not looking for another Michelin star.” Adler was a brunch line cook for three months for Gabrielle Hamilton’s restaurant Prune, and says she “would have to go out the night before and get hammered just to fall asleep.” Most definitely Button’s reactions while filming World’s Best Chef:

Biggest challenge? Controlling her expression on camera as she tasted out-there dishes like Brazilian chef Alex Atala’s giant ant on pineapple (“An explosion of flavor. I want more ants!”) and Italian chef Massimo Bottura’s “brilliant” dessert made with hare’s blood. “Instead of letting me take a bite with my own spoon, he fed me. I’m kind of reserved; we just met and he’s shoving food in my mouth. I was like, ‘Dude.'”

DUDE. The image of Bottura feeding someone is an image our minds won’t soon forget.

Also awesome: Chan talks a bit about the Toklas Society, which she founded as a way for women in the industry to get to know each other. Chan also says she’s working on an incubator program for female chefs and entrepreneurs. From the article:

Along with two colleagues, Chan founded the Toklas Society, which hosts meet-ups and panels for women in the industry. “We were all craving support,” she says. “We wanted to be able to call up a friend at another company and talk shop, get some advice. Being women in a very male-dominated industry—it’s not that we felt there was sexism, but we definitely feel that knowledge is power.”

And now we know these six names.

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