David Bowie Refused to Drink Tea


The world lost one of the greatest musicians of this era yesterday. As my more musically inclined brother reminded me, besides being exceptionally talented, David Bowie showed us that it’s “okay to be wonderfully weird.”

We cannot do justice to his musical contributions; what we can do is talk about him with regard to food. Here are some things you may not know about Bowie:

1. Though he didn’t look like he ate much of anything, his favorite food was Shepherd’s Pie. A recipe for the classic British dish can be found here.

2. Independent through and through, the English musician never, ever drank tea. He once had a cup as a child, and hated it so much he never went near the stuff again.

4. Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art had a David Bowie-inspired menu in 2014. It went along with their “David Bowie Is” exhibit.

5. The pub where Bowie’s career took off is now an Italian restaurant, but it does still exist and you can go there. People have been paying tribute to him there since he died.

6. There is a restaurant in Houston called Hunky Dory, named for Bowie’s fourth album.

It was David Bowie who once said that “Fame itself … doesn’t really afford you anything more than a good seat in a restaurant.”

We’ll eat to that. RIP, David Bowie.

Photos from Wikimedia Commons.

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