The Arzaks Are Opening A Restaurant In London

It’s official: Elena Arzak, the top female chef in the world and the daughter of one of the best Spanish chefs in history, is going global. The Standard reports that Arzak, along with her father Juan Mari, will soon open a version of their family’s three-star Michelin restaurant Arzak in London.

This one, however, will be helmed by Elena: the Ametsa with Arzak Instruction will open at the high-end boutique Halkin Hotel by the end of February. “Ametsa means ‘dream’ in our language,” Elena explains for all the people in the world who don’t speak Basque (things we’ve learned today, #6).

However, the fact that renowned three-star Michelin chefs whose cuisine blends traditional Basque cooking with molecular gastronomy techniques are taking over a kitchen means that inevitably, someone is being displaced. So to chef David Thompson, who previously ran the Halkin’s restaurant Nahm (which lost its Michelin star earlier this year): good luck in your company-forced exile to Thailand!

[The Standard]

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