WATCH: Daniel Boulud Sulks Over Morimoto’s Sushi Cake On The Chew

The Chew Crew threw a book release party today in honor of their new cookbook, which just hit shelves, and joining them as honored party guests were: Daniel Boulud, Lidia Bastianich, Geoffrey Zakarian, Masaharu Morimoto, Mr. Chocolate Jacques Torres, Bobby Deen, Chef Roble, Pat LaFrieda, Marcus Samuelsson, and Josh Capon. Phew!

Obviously, Michael Symon’s Iron Chef street cred got more than a few of those guys to attend — plus Mario undoubtedly batted his eyelashes Lidia’s way to get her to make an appearance. But it’s not like they weren’t treated well.

First, three-time Burger Bash Champ Michael Symon fired up some of his infamous namesake burgers (found in the book, of course) for the whole lot, and everyone was pretty receptive! Even Lidia (who claimed burgers are just flat meatballs) and Josh Capon (despite his two-time Burger Bash winning shame)! Pat LaFrieda, though he’s a man of few words, confirmed they were decently American. Check out the clip below.

Later, Lidia confirmed (just before Mario slipped her a bill) that Batali was, in fact, a legit Italian chef with authentic Italian dishes. Symon remains dubious…

And, to finish, a sushi cake from Morimoto, natch! Daniel Boulud grumbled that he knew the OG Iron Chef was going to show off and make something, in spite of Michael Symon’s reassurance that they were guests and this party was about relaxing, not competing. Boulud called it, you guys. Check out the cake below.

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