The Taste Contestant Calls Mentors ‘A F*cking Suzy Homemaker, A Leprechaun, & A Guy Who Hasn’t Cooked For F*cking 20 Years’

This, of course, leads to the biggest Ludo meltdown we’ve seen this season.

Team Ludo contestant Shawn composed a truly awful spoonful of Chilean sea bass, goat cheese, and heavy-handed vanilla for his blind taste, all of which revolted the mentors immediately.

As they were balking over who would make such a thing, Shawn muttered in the gallery, “This is crazy. I got a fucking Suzy Homemaker, I got a leprechaun, I got a guy who hasn’t cooked for fucking 20 years…”

But not insulting his mentor Ludo wouldn’t earn him any points. Lefebvre vowed that if whatever heathen put fish and goat cheese on a spoon together was from his team, he’d sent the cook home, post-haste. Ludo later wound up with two chefs from his team in the bottom, which lead to quite a bit of moaning, groaning, and general sniping at every fellow judge on the panel. Watch the disaster unfold below.

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