Torrisi Italian Specialties Unknowingly Turns Away Prominent Brit Critic

Image credit: Torrisi NYC

Last night, the Guardian UK’s restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin attempted to visit the famous Torrisi Italian Specialties while on a whirlwind restaurant tour of New York City, only to be turned away at the door:

Normally, this wouldn’t happen with a restaurant critic from a prominent newspaper (think of all the times Pete Wells has been recognized!), except for the fact that O’Loughlin is 1) notorious for maintaining her anonymity in the era of Internet, and 2) is from England and therefore, in the minds of many Americans, simply doesn’t exist. (To many Americans, the only English people that exist in the world are Kate Middleton, Pippa’s butt, that robot wheelchair genius, and Prince Harry’s schlong.)

Oddly enough, the owners behind Torrisi’s Italian Specialties, Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone, were behind another restaurant, ZZ’s Clam Bar, that once kicked out a restaurant critic mid-meal. Nothing indicates so far that kicking out restaurant critics is standard practice (and it would be impossible, given that no one knows who the hell Marina O’Loughlin is), but the two incidents following each other is…rather strange.

In any case, O’Loughlin decided to take her business elsewhere that night, while the outrage began pouring in:



And now all that’s left is O’Loughlin’s actual review of the place, which we eagerly anticipate, because there is no one in the world who can tear people apart like the British. They invented the art. We bow at their be-talon’d feet.


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