For the Special Person in Your Life: A Novelty Vagina Toaster

(Image via Amazon)

We’re pretty anti- the PR shill-fest that is gift guides, but this should definitely be at the top of your list for that special brunch slut in your life. It’s a novelty toaster from Burnt Impressions, which will sear the image of a teeny little vagina on your morning breakfast carbs. Okay, so mostly it’s a clearly outlined labia majora with some vague and shadowy things going on inside, but doesn’t that just imitate life, guys? Anatomy probably isn’t any toaster’s forte.

Even if the vagina toaster isn’t for you, consider evangelizing its good word amongst your friends. Then continue to griddle your toast in a pan with rendered bacon fat, you foodie snobs.

[h/t Geekosystem]

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