WATCH: John DeLucie Needs A Lesson In Lobster Anatomy…And Spelling

Oh, John DeLucie. Watching you make lobster fra diavolo on The TODAY Show with Savannah Guthrie is a visually pleasing and informative thing, but then you forget simple facts about lobsters? This is an unpardonable sin to us, the Lobster Inquisition.

First, the green stuff inside a lobster is not roe. It’s the tomalley, aka the liver/pancreas, and while you’re right in that it’s pretty tasty stuff, it is not roe. The roe is the bright coral-red stuff inside a lobster. They kind of look like fish eggs, because they are fish eggs. Please tell us that you had a brain fart.

Second: You didn’t know how to spell “roe,” and Natalie Morales had to swoop in and inform you that it was, indeed, r-o-e. You should really know that, dude. You cook professionally for a living. That was most definitely not a brain fart.

Are we annoying lobster pedants? Yes, we are. Do we think this is sort of hilarious to watch? Indeed we do! Did it look delicious? Absolutely. Will we get in trouble with our vacationing boss, who’s an investor in your restaurant The Lion, for being immature know-it-alls? We sure hope not.


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