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Wylie Dufresne Announces Opening Of Second NYC Restaurant

Might you be an admirer of Wylie Dufresne’s whose pockets don’t quite go so deep as to be able to afford his 13-course tasting menu (recently overhauled) at wd~50? Well, (possibly) lucky for you, he’s opening a second restaurant in New York, this one, a 50-seater in the East Village, which, by all accounts, should boast more affordable options.

Rather than a temple to kooky egg dishes, Alder will serve “modern casual food and well-crafted cocktails” in a pub setting. Bonus: the location is nestled just a few blocks south of Momofuku Milk Bar, for when your cravings cycle from savory pub fare to something sweeter. Pop up to Milk Bar for a jug of cereal milk and a compost cookie; consume in the warming May air (Alder is set to open Spring 2013), and then trek back for one last liquid nitrogen cocktail.

The opening of Wylie’s second venture will mark the tenth anniversary of wd~50.

[GrubStreet h/t Eater]

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