WATCH: Yigit Pura Is Our Millionaire Matchmaker Dream Date

Last night, Yigit Pura sought a bit of help in the love department from Patti Stanger on The Millionaire Matchmaker. And the Top Chef: Just Desserts Season 1 winner really classed up the joint. The episode dealt him a classic Patti-ism (he was the first guy she wished she could “grow a dick for”) and a completely horrifying exchange between the hetero barbarians.

First, to discourage her two millionaires from thinking with their eyes instead of their hearts (anatomy sidebar for Patti: neither of those appendages can think for themselves; great, moving on), Patti arranged for a blind round-robin questioning à la Singled Out between the millionaires and their matches. Yigit was polite, but sort of arrogant, while the straight guy and his harem made us thoroughly uncomfortable.

And so, with his handsome Latin match in tow, Yigit planned a date that started with baking, volunteering, and working with needy youth at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. Swoon. Granted, all the typical first date flirting around the teens was weird, but gather ’round, troubled young queers of LA: this is what a healthy date looks like.

Then, Yigit swept Gaspar off to Susan Feniger’s Street for a bite one-on-one.

So how did it go? No goodnight kiss and no second date follow-through, in spite of all the sparks that flew. WHAT ARE YOU DOING, YIGIT, YOU TWO ARE PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER. Okay, it’s possible we got a little too invested. Stepping back now.

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