Biden Campaign Launching $15 Million Battleground State Blitz to Rival Trump’s ‘Death Star’


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign announced its first TV ad blitz of the general election, a $15 million effort aimed at six battleground states that President Donald Trump won in 2016, but where he now trails in most polls.

On the heels of an Associated Press report that reported the Trump campaign “Death Star” has thus far been shooting blanks, the scruffy nerf-herder from Scranton is reaching for his blaster with a salvo of ads that strike at the heart of Trump’s 2016 electoral college victory: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million.

According to a Biden campaign press release, the five-week effort will target Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, and Arizona. And just to make sure the shots land where Trump can see them, the campaign also notes that “There will also be a national cable component that includes Fox News.”

From the press release:

This campaign includes placing both English and Spanish-language content across Florida and in Arizona, a significant move early in the general election that reflects the thoughtfulness and seriousness of the campaign’s outreach to the Latino community. Beginning on Friday, when the nation commemorates Juneteenth, the campaign is also making a six-figure investment in African American print, radio, and targeted digital programming in FL, MI, PA, WI, AZ, NC. We’ll also run a targeted digital program online to amplify our message across all platforms.

“The ads feature Biden in his own voice. A voice of clarity and moral authority that the country desperately needs,” said Patrick Bonsignore, Director of Paid Media, Biden for President. “The audio is pulled from his searing address on this moment in history from Philadelphia, the birthplace of our nation. It was an address that Donald Trump could never give.”

That $15 million is well short of the $24 million that the Trump campaign spent to achieve Trump’s current showing in battleground states.

One of the ads just introduced, entitled “Unite Us,” features Biden’s speech in Philadelphia, intercut with footage of Trump’s church photo op and the white supremacist marchers in Charlottesville whom Trump referred to as “very fine people.”

Watch the ad above via Joe Biden for President.

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