Biden Spox Jean-Pierre Torches DeSantis At Briefing Over New ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’ Restrictions


White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre slammed Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over an effort to expand restrictions in what she called the “Don’t Say Gay bill.”

The Florida Department of Education has approved a proposed rule that would extend restrictions in a law that prohibits classroom instruction and discussion on “sexual orientation or gender identity” to explicitly include all grade levels. The law has been dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” despite the absence of that specific nomenclature in the text of the law.

At Wednesday’s briefing, Associated Press White House Correspondent Aamer Madhani asked Jean-Pierre for her reaction to the move, and KJP did not hold back in denouncing DeSantis:

AAMER MADHANI: Do you have any reaction on Florida Governor DeSantis expanding the rules that forbid classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Yeah. It’s wrong. It’s completely, utterly wrong. And — and we’ve been very cry- — crystal clear about that, when it comes to the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and other — other actions that this governor has taken in the state of Florida.

But make no mistake: This is a part of a disturbing and dangerous trend that we’re seeing across the country of legislations that are anti-LGBTQI+, anti-trans, anti the community in a way that we have not seen it in some time.

And so — and it’s not just the LGBTQI+ community. We’re talking about students. We’re talking about educators. We’re talking about, just, individuals.

And so, the President has been very clear, this administration has been very clear: We will continue to fight for the dignity of — of Americans, for the dignity and respect of the community, of opportunity that should be given to students and families in Florida and across the country.

So, again, this is just plain wrong, and we’re going to continue to speak against — speak out against it.

Watch above via The White House.

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