CNN Journalist Interrupted, Harassed by Chinese Police During Tiananmen Square Anniversary Report

Video shows CNN reporter Matt Rivers having his broadcast on the Tiananmen Square anniversary harassed and interrupted by plainclothes officers working with Chinese security officials.

Rivers was doing a live hit from Beijing, when he was forced off the air by police who cited “safety issues.” Rivers noted the men likely worked for state security.

Rivers was covering and speaking about the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Chinese officials continue to strictly monitor and censor all mention of the 1989 protest, which involved millions of citizens across the country calling for wide-scale reform, that left an unknown number of people dead.

China imposed an information lockdown Tuesday in response to the anniversary of the protests.

Although any commemoration of the event is not allowed in mainland China, tens of thousands turned out for an annual candlelight vigil in Hong Kong Tuesday evening. The Chinese territory has relatively greater freedoms than the mainland, though activists have said they fear those freedoms are eroding.

Watch above, via CNN

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