Dinesh D’Souza Gets Panned, Mocked, Condemned for Terrible Tweet Comparing Teen Activist to a Nazi


A corollary to Godwin’s Law states that “as an Internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler increases, and whoever makes that comparison has automatically ‘lost’ whatever debate was in progress.”

Extending this axiom to the current public discourse of the climate crisis begs the question: should a critic of Swedish teenaged activist Greta Thunberg who evokes Hitler and Nazis be considered a loser? Absolutely.

Dinesh D’Souza — the convicted felon and repeated promoter of false conspiracy — is the loser in question. The online provocateur offered what many saw as, at best, an ill-advised Tweet on Sunday when he likened the visage of Ms. Thunberg to imagery used in Nazi propaganda. D’Souza  tweeted:

The most charitable explanation in this “propaganda” message is D’Souza’s noticing similar imagery between the Nazi propaganda and Ms. Thunberg, however, the comparison between Nazis and a climate change activist (an issue on which D’Souza has historically been remarkably skeptical) is not a smart rhetorical move. Or at least that’s the belief held by many on Twitter who reacted as such:

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