Florida Man Charged With Stealing Bulldozer and Knocking Down Biden Yard Signs


26-year-old James Blight was charged with grand theft auto and trespassing in Haines City, Florida for allegedly stealing a bulldozer and running down campaign signs for Joe Biden in multiple yards.

Blight reportedly drove the bulldozer around the neighborhood before knocking down several fences, in plain sight, in order to steal and destroy Biden signs.

“This man came onto my property, took the two Joe Biden signs I had in my yard, and then came back with a bulldozer to run down my fence,” Adam Burgess, a local homeowner and the former Vice Mayor, told Spectrum’s Bay News 9.

“To come into our community and to destroy our property, it speaks to the dog whistles that Donald Trump has been putting out his entire campaign,” he added. “You know, ‘stand back and stand by,’ and we have guys in bulldozers doing this. I mean what does the president have to say about that.”

Burgess went as far as to call the incident a hate crime — noting that the neighborhood is predominately Black.

Videos show multiple damaged fences, and Blight allegedly bulldozed a city speed limit sign along with several other signs throughout the neighborhood as well.

Police reported that Blight claimed he was too drunk to remember what happened, but multiple neighbors saw the incident take place.

Several Trump signs in the area have also been vandalized, according to the Bay News 9 report.

Watch above, via Spectrum’s Bay News 9.

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