‘How is Any of This Safe?’ Reporters Question Trump’s Doc Ahead of President’s Return to White House


White House physician Dr. Sean Conley fielded questions from reporters at a Monday press conference and defended his team’s decision to release President Donald Trump from Walter Reed Medical Center.

“He was given steroids, you’ve said that he is still on those steroids, which is medicine, as you know, that is usually given to covid patients that are on ventilators or with low oxygen,” one reporter asked Conley. “So did you over-treat him, and if he is still on that medication, how is it safe for him to return to the White House?”

“We send patients home with medications all the time,” Conley responded. “In fact, yesterday afternoon, he probably met most of his discharge requirements, safely from the hospital. And he is returning to a facility in the White House medical unit that staffed 24/7, top-notch physicians, nurses, P.A.s, logisticians, and the team here behind me is going to continue to support us in that nature.”

Another reporter, who could not be seen on camera, followed up with a similar question, asking, “”How [was] it safe for him to drive around in a cloth mask yesterday? And how is it safe for him, now, to return to the White House when there have been so many cases? How is any of this safe?”

Conley insisted appropriate measures had been taken.

“The president has been surrounded by medical and security staff for days wearing full PPE,” Conley said. “Yesterday, the U.S. Secret service agents were in that same level of PPE for a very short period of time. We worked with our infectious disease experts to make some recommendations for how to keep everything safe down at the White House for the president and those around him. We’re looking at where he’s going to be able to carry out his duties.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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