Keith Olbermann Calls For Detaining Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard: ‘They Are Russian Assets’


Keith Olbermann suggested on Monday that Tucker Carlson and former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) should both be arrested and tried by the military.

Per the former cable TV host, both are guilty of being Russian “assets.”

Carlson has been under fire from the left for weeks over his continued commentaries opposing intervention in Ukraine. He has also pitched the idea that American citizens have no direct beef with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin has been using snippets from Carlson’s show and pushing state TV outlets to air them, a report from Mother Jones clams.

Gabbard, meanwhile, is taking heat for, as Mitt Romney put it, “parroting false Russian propaganda” as an act of treason.

The former Democratic representative has continued to speak out about bio-labs in Ukraine, which have been connected to the U.S., though there is little evidence they are doubling as bioweapons factories.

Carlson and Gabbard have been accused of being falling for, or participating in, a campaign of disinformation amid Putin’s indiscriminate war on the people of Ukraine.

According to Olbermann, both Carlson and Gabbard are enemy combatants who belong in a military jail to await trial.

On The View on Monday, the show’s cohosts discussed Carlson and Gabbard at length. Whoopi Goldberg stated: “They used to arrest people for doing stuff like this.”

Clips of the discussion made their rounds online, and Olbermann shared his take when he commented on one of them.

A user with the handle @LibWatchdog commented on the video, “This is so deranged. The View calling for Tucker and Tulsi to be investigated by DOJ and suggest prison.”

Olbermann replied: “They are Russian Assets and there is a war. There’s a case for detaining them militarily. Trials are a sign of good faith and patience on the part of democracy.”

Olbermann’s suggestion came on the same day it was reported he wished to sit-in for MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who is on hiatus.

Per the Daily Beast, the host wanted him nowhere near her primetime show, and she vetoed the idea — which MSNBC was considering.

Olbermann was fired from the network in 2011, and went on to lose other high-profile jobs en route to his status as a Twitter commentator.

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