‘Kiss My Ass!’ Deposition Video Shows Belligerent Mike Lindell Cursing and Yelling at Lawyers


Newly-released deposition video shows a very tightly-wound Mike Lindell in full battle mode while being questioned in a defamation suit brought by a Dominion Voting Systems employee.

Eric Coomer, former director of product strategy and security at Dominion, sued Lindell for defamation related to his claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Among the allegations, that Lindell called Coomer a “traitor to the United States of America,” and used defamatory comments about Coomer while pitching My Pillows.

The March 8 legal questioning got off to a rocky start.

“Don’t sit and scold me already, Mister. I’ll do whatever I have to do,” Lindell said. “You’re just a lawyer. You’re an ambulance-chasing lawyer, so don’t start with me. I got all day. I’ll take as much time as you want, so let’s go. You’re not my boss. You’re just a lawyer, a frivolous lawyer. So go. Don’t start scolding me.”

Throughout the questioning, Lindell repeatedly called Coomer’s lawyers “disgusting,” “evil,” and “ambulance chasers.”

ATTORNEY: Why did you call me an ambulance chaser?


ATTORNEY: Why did you call me an ambulance chaser?

LINDELL: Because you are! This is a frivolous case, and if you’re representing this guy and you’ve read this case, you are a disgusting lawyer, period. That’s my right to say. You want to sue me, too, Mr. ambulance chaser? Are you working on contingency or consignment with the guy? What are you — I can’t believe anybody would take this! This is absolutely disgusting, it’s a disgrace to our country, it’s a disgrace to you.

At one point, an attorney asked Lindell about “lumpy pillow calls” from concerned customers, which really set off the My Pillow Guy.

“No, they’re not lumpy pillows, that’s not what they call on! Ok? When you say ‘lumpy pillows,’ now you’re an asshole! You’re an asshole, you got that? You’re an asshole is what you are!”

When Lindell’s attorney attempted to step in, Lindell steamrolled him.

“No! He’s an asshole! He’s an ambulance-chasing asshole, that’s what you are. Lumpy pillows, kiss my ass!”

Coomer’s attorney’s repeatedly warned Lindell that his deposition performance might not sit well with the federal judge “who might be reading and watching this deposition.”

“You just let me worry about the judge reading this, Ok?” Lindell spat back.

He later added, “How do you guys sleep at night? You obviously don’t have a My Pillow.”

The attorneys later wrote they tried to depose Lindell three times, but that he was “vulgar, threatening, loud, disrespectful to Dr. Coomer’s counsel and the Court, evasive, and largely non-responsive to questioning.”

Watch the clips above.

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