Politico Draws Heat for Turning Over Their Playbook Newsletter to Ben Shapiro


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Politico has drawn heat for handing over the most recent edition of their Playbook newsletter to conservative radio host Ben Shapiro.

Many pundits and journalists faulted the media company for giving Shapiro such a large platform, pointing out his past bigoted commentary,

In his article, The real reason most Republicans opposed impeachment, Shapiro also falsely accused Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) of inciting the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), comparing it President Donald Trump’s incitement of the Capitol attack.

“Don’t worry it’s not just inventing a lie that Bernie Sanders told his supporters to shoot people (???) and claiming Trump’s voter fraud lie is the same as Stacey Abrams’ loss (????) it’s also grotesque apologia for Republicans who are — get this — patriotic victims. Hooooly fuck,” The Daily Show’s Matt Negrin wrote in a Thursday tweet.

Politico’s latest newsletter earned angry reactions from many Twitter users, with Joe Lockhart calling Shapiro a “propaganda machine who uses Republican anger to make money for himself.”

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