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Rosie O’Donnell and Ben Shapiro Go At It on Twitter: ‘Suck My D*ck’

Ben Shapiro on Kate Steinle: The Notion That Illegals Can Commit Crimes and Reenter US Is Why Trump Won

Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan Have Utterly Futile Twitter Spat About Guns and Big Macs

Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire Website Posts Racist Video Mocking Native Americans for Columbus Day

Ben Shapiro: ‘We’re In a Vortex of Stupid and It’s Reduced to a Black Hole of Idiocy’

The Far Left Has a Big Problem When They Go Nuts Over Someone Like Ben Shapiro 

Fake News? Police Doubt Viral Story Of ‘Leftist Commies’ Stabbing Woman at Ben Shapiro Event

Bernie Goldberg Mocks ‘Sissy Boy’ Berkeley Protestors Who Think ‘Speech is Violence’

Tomi Lahren Rails on Protestors of a Ben Shapiro Speech — That Mostly Occurred Without Incident

Twitter Celebrates Ben Shapiro’s Undisrupted Speech at UC Berkeley: ‘Discourse Lives’

Tucker Carlson Schools Overmatched Antifa Activist: ‘Are You Really a Professor?’

WATCH: Ben Shapiro Speaks at UC Berkeley LIVE STREAM

Alan Dershowitz: If Ben Shapiro Doesn’t Speak, The First Amendment Loses ‘Tremendous’ Battle

Sheriff Clarke: Protestors at Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley Speech ‘Need Their Ass Kicked’

Ben Shapiro Declares The Left Doesn’t Listen to Opposing Views…on Fox & Friends

‘Hurricane Ben!’ Twitter Mocks LA Times Tweet Saying Berkeley ‘Braces’ For Ben Shapiro Speech

UC Berkeley Mocked for Offering Counseling to Students Stressed By Ben Shapiro Speech

Conservative Publisher Cuts Ties With New York Times Over Alleged Best-Seller List ‘Bias’

‘SOMEONE MISSED THE F**KIN POINT!’ Twitter Eviscerates All-Female Lord of the Flies Remake

Ben Shapiro: Steve Bannon Will Now Become a White Walker

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