Senior Iranian Official Threatens Trump: Iran Will Respond to US ‘Economic Terrorism’ ‘By All Means Necessary’


A top advisor to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani equated U.S. sanctions on Iran to “economic terrorism” and said the nation would respond by “all means necessary.”

Advisor Hesameddin Ashena said the crisis between the two nations directly stemmed from President Donald Trump‘s withdrawal from the JCPOA, or the Iran nuclear deal. He also said “this process is reversible. Every tangible constructive step will be met in kind.”

In a tweet the hour before, the Iranian official said war and sanctions are “two sides of the same coin.” He said if the president does not want war, he must ease the sanctions.

These tweets came before President Trump’s series of tweets boasting of his withdrawal from President Barack Obama’s “desperate and terrible deal with Iran” and saying that the sanctions were working and that he added more last night.

[Photo via  Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images]


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