Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Boris Epshteyn Joins Trump 2020 Advisory Board


Boris Epshteyn, Chief Political Commentator at Sinclair Broadcast Group, is now set to play a role in President Donald Trump‘s relection efforts, but joining the Trump 2020 Advisory Board.

Epshteyn has been criticized the past for claiming that President Barack Obama won in North Carolina due to “illegal voting,” though in that instance he was not a journalist, but specifically, a pundit booked to provide his political opinion.

The same conservative-leaning company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, also produces a show called “America This Week,” a weekly program hosted by Eric Bolling, who more recently gave a bizarre interview to controversial GOP donor Robert Hyde.

Former Trump campaign communication advisor, Jason Miller, praised the move, hailing the pundit and TV host, urging him onto “TV to go head-to-head with cable news heavyweights like Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow.”

Epshteyn is a frequent guest on Sebastian Gorka‘s “American First” show on the Salem Radio Network – the duo frequently feeds off each other and make claims about the Democratic party being full of socialists.

Ed. Note – this post has been updated since publishing to more accurately describe Epshteyn’s role.


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