Trump Tells Viewers to Dump Fox News After Sunday Report on Poll Numbers: Head to OANN or Newsmax


President Donald Trump told viewers on Sunday evening to dump Fox News in favor of Newsmax or One America News Network after Wall Street Journal editor John Bussey weighed in on a Fox segment about the president’s lagging performance in the polls.

“Fox News gladly puts up the phony suppression polls as soon as they come out,” Trump wrote in a message on Twitter. “We are leading in the REAL polls because people are sick & tired of watching the Democrat run cities, in all cases, falling apart. Also, now 96 percent Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Another 2016!”

He added in a subsequent tweet, “Fox News weekend afternoons is the worst! Getting into @CNN and MSDNC territory. Watch @OANN & @newsmax instead. Much better!”

The tweets came after Bussey opined on Trump’s poll numbers in an interview with Fox News anchor Eric Shawn, who cited a CNBC/Change Research survey finding Trump trailed former Vice President Joe Biden among voters in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

“In the numbers that you just cited, Eric, there are some surprises,” Bussey said. “It wasn’t long ago that the president was leading in Florida and was close in some of these other states, but again, it’s the gap between Biden leading and the president falling behind is a reflection of the polls basically also showing a disapproval of kind of the way the coronavirus has been handled. Now, the Electoral College could go a very different way, but it is hard for you to come up with a numbers the the president needs to win at the moment.”

“Look, things can change,” Bussey added. “We’re still many months away from the election. It’s entirely possible that the mood of the public could change very quickly.”

Eight minutes after the segment ended, Shawn noted the president had tweeted about it. “The president just tweeted out about it. We did a segment on the polls. He said that we aired the, quote, ‘phony suppression polls,’ and he’s leading in the real polls. It shows you how the presidential race is going full swing, even though it is a July 4th weekend.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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