Twitter Explodes After Trump Literally Gets Owned By Nickelback


Twitter users had a field day after President Donald Trump tweeted a video that included a song by the band Nickelback, and the content was removed due to a copyright claim.

Fairly or not, the band has long been used as a yardstick for suckitude in whimsical polls alongside things like lice, cockroaches, and… Donald Trump. So when Trump tweeted a meme featuring the band’s song “Photograph,” some Twitter users reacted in ways that were unkind to both Trump and Nickelback.

But all of that changed, kind of, when the video was removed due to a copyright claim. Blue-check Twitter erupted in a mixture of reluctant praise for the band, and schadenfreude at Trump’s defeat at the hands of intellectual property.

There were a few pro-Trump dissenters.

Matty Yglesias had an interesting principled take.

The most bitter complaint came from Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress (no, the other one) Kristy Swanson.

Get it? She wants her nickels back!

And there was at least one buzzkill, Twitter-famous towel aficionado Yashar Ali.

Yes, AKSHUALLY, all we know for sure is that Trump got owned by someone on behalf of Nickelback. But let’s not ruin this for them.

Watch the official video for “Photograph” above, via Nickelback.

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