Trump Tweets Out Nickelback Meme Amidst Escalating Impeachment Crisis


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At the end of a day of wild public appearances in which the president of the United States publicly accused an opponent of treason, assailed a newspaper for a report it didn’t publish, and fought back against an impeachment inquiry waged by emboldened Democrats, Donald Trump tweeted out a Nickelback meme.


In an accompanying video, a clip of Joe Biden denying he had ever spoken to his son Hunter about his overseas business dealings is followed by the Canadian rock band’s hit song, “Photograph,” and a photo of Biden golfing with his son and a friend who was also on the board of Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

The photo has been used as evidence that Biden did speak to his son about his job on the board of Burisma.

Nickelback memes, of course, are almost as old as the internet itself. They are inspired by the ineffable absurdity of Nickelback, and — in Mediaite’s official opinion — the undue criticism the Chad Kroeger-led band faces.

The reaction to Trump’s post — perhaps his only good one? — was shock, awe, horror, appreciation. It should be noted, before we get into the jokes, that the Trump-promoted conspiracy theory that Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired because he was investigating Hunter is completely baseless.

Unfortunately, someone missed the joke the first time:

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