WATCH: Joe Biden Deals with Heckler and Roasts Trump at Virginia Rally


President Joe Biden handled a heckler and name-checked former President Donald Trump several times during a campaign rally, rubbing Trump’s nose in the 2020 presidential election result.

Biden spoke to a crowd at Lubber Run Park in Arlington, Virginia Friday night, stumping for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. And while Biden and his aides have been conspicuous about referring to Trump as “the former guy” or other euphemisms rather than by name,  the president repeatedly name-checked his predecessor at the rally.

Early in the speech, the president was praising Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s recent stand on vaccinations when a member of the audience began to heckle.

“Stop line three! Stop line three! Stop line three!” the man chanted, as others in the audience shouted “We love you, Joe!” and “Let’s go Joe!”

“That’s okay. That’s all right. That’s all right. No, no, no, no. Let — let him talk,” the president said, adding “That’s okay. Look, this is not a Trump rally. Let them holler. No one is paying attention to them.”

“Look, here’s the point: Virtually all the COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations are today among the unvaccinated people,” Biden continued, as the heckling continued, “And I know — I know this has gotten a bit politicized, but I hope it’s starting to change. It’s not about red states or blue states or guys like that hollering; it’s about life and it’s about death.”

Later in the rally, Biden torched Trump, and tried to tie McAuliffe’s opponent to Trump in the bargain:

Terry and I share a lot in common. I ran against Donald Trump, and so is Terry. (Laughter and applause.) And I whipped Donald Trump in Virginia and so will Terry. (Applause.)

I tell you what, the guy Terry is running against is an acolyte of Donald Trump, for real. I mean, it’s just like — I don’t know where these guys come from. (Laughter.) I really mean it.

Biden made one other reference to Trump, deriding the “so-called Trump tax cut.”

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