WATCH: Local News Anchors Hilariously and Appropriately Revolted by Story of Used Condoms Being Prepped for Resale


The story of a factory being busted for cleaning used condoms in order to resell them was too much for local news anchors in Charlotte, North Carolina to take — and their reactions to the story were both appropriate and hilarious.

The details of the story — culled from local reporting in Vietnam — are stomach-churning. Over 320,000 of the spent sex packets, weighing nearly 800 pounds, were reportedly purchased by a factory, then “washed and reshaped” for sale.

CNN ran a brief, anodyne item on the story Friday morning, but anchors from two local North Carolina stations reported the story with style.

Good Morning Charlotte anchor Page Fehling of WJZY Fox 46 explained to viewers that she was only reporting the story because it was trending on the station’s website, and “you are the ones clicking on it!”

Fehling let out a laugh as she read news copy calling the condoms “pre-owned prophylactics,” then remarked “oh, I’m gonna throw up” as she continued her report.

But it was co-anchor Brigida Mack who perfectly punctuated the segment with a reaction shot for the ages, and the declaration “Oh my God! That is revolting!”

Over on WCCB’s Rising, co-anchors Derek James and Laresa Thompson were equally repulsed. James added the detail that the seizure was of a “monthly” shipment of used condoms, and Thompson interjected that she didn’t believe the story, adding “That is so gross!”

“I like recycling as much as the next guy,” James cracked, to which Thompson replied “That is not recycling!”

Thompson took a few shots at asking the deeper questions, then thought better of it, and expressed gratitude and relief when the weather graphic rescued them from the segment.

Watch the clips above via WCCB and WJZY.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misidentified the WCCB anchors as Marvin Beach and Trish Williford, and WJZY as Fox 45, not Fox 46. The article has been washed and reshaped.

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