See Bernie Sanders Grab a Condom to ‘Protect’ Himself From Trump

GOP Senator Kelly Ayotte Gives Away Free Condoms at College Campuses

What Happens When You Choose Charlie Sheen as the Spokesman for Your New Condom

Ted Cruz Explains How GOP is Not the Condom Police: ‘We Don’t Have a Rubber Shortage in America!’

Did These Pubescent Boys Really Invent Condoms That Can Detect STIs?

Illinois Church Hands Out Condoms at Hobby Lobby in Protest

Glenn Beck Puts Condoms On His Hands In Epic Mockery Of MSNBC Host’s Tampon Earrings

Jon Stewart Plays A Game Of ‘Find The Narc’ With Media Coverage Of Marijuana Legalization

Lawrence O’Donnell Compares GOP Candidates To Porn Producers

Problems Continue For Peddlers Of Obama Condoms

Bill Maher Asks Levi Johnston If He Now Uses Condoms And Other Cringeworthy Moments

Free Condoms Now Available To First Graders In Provincetown, MA

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