WATCH: Trump Fan Tells Fox News That After Trump Indictment ‘Even DEMOCRATS Will Vote For Him!’


Fox News spoke to a bunch of Trump rallygoers in Waco who predicted an indictment would make former President Donald Trump even more popular — including with Democrats.

Rallygoers at Trump’s event in Waco last weekend were asked “If Donald Trump is indicted, do you think it will hurt his chances in the election?”

Their responses were posted just hours before news broke on Thursday afternoon that Trump has been indicted by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury investigating the circumstances around hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. Trump faces at least 34 counts in the indictment.

They all agreed it would not hurt, and would probably help — even with Democrats, according to one of them:

TRUMP SUPPORTER: No, absolutely not. I think if he’s indicted, it will seal the deal and he will be our next president.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Absolutely not.


TRUMP SUPPORTER: No. I think President Trump is indicted. That’s going to be his winning ticket.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: As a matter of fact, I think it will help his chances.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Not in my opinion. And I think he I think he will be a martyr if they do that.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: More people will get information about it and they’ll realize that he’s innocent and he is innocent. And I think more people are starting to realize that. And on top of that, I think his enemies are starting to realize that. And I think they’re going to end up backing down from all these ridiculous charges against him.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: No. So I think that is his popularity would only be gained by that by the deep state.

TRUMP SUPPORTER: So if they try to make him doa perp walk, even the Democrats will vote for Donald Trump.

Watch above via Fox News Digital.

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