59-Year-Old Man Goes To Gathering Of The Juggalos On ‘Fact-Finding Mission’ (And Has A Really Good Time!)

In recent years, despite their reputation of being “the most hated band in the world,” The Insane Clown Posse have found that the regular people that once shunned them just can’t seem to look away from the massive sub-culture that surrounds them; the Juggalos. Ever since comedians first came across the epic-in-length-and-absurdity commercials for their annual Gatherings, with a larger and larger media presence showing up each year. This has led to some pretty interesting acts of journalism like the detailed yearly accounts from The A.V. Club’s Nathan Rabin or the strangely beautiful documentary American Juggalo. However, this year we’ve gotten something even more fun; the video diary of a 59-year-old New Yorker set loose amongst all the ninjas.

The comedy site Jest sent Ray Mead, a regular New York guy, to check out this year’s event and the best thing about the video is…he seems to have a pretty good time. The easy-going Mead interviews topless and dreadlocked clowns, asking all of them whether he’s too old to be a Juggalo. They all say no and, soon enough, he’s getting signatures from rappers he doesn’t begin to recognize and getting his very own nickname (which I won’t print here).

The whole thing’s a lot of fun. Whoop whoop!

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