comScore A ‘Proud’ John McCain Puckers Up To Sarah Palin

A ‘Proud’ John McCain Puckers Up To Sarah Palin

MCCain Veepstakes PalinWant to get a quick sense of just how much power Sarah Palin wields in the Republican party at the moment, or, alternately, how badly in need of a leader the right is? Behold John McCain on Meet the Press yesterday responding to David Gregory’s question “Do you think that the — Sarah Palin’s brand of conservatism is what the Republican Party needs to regain power in the midterms and ultimately in 2012?”

A bit of a leading question, no? Particularly considering how Palin pretty much threw the McCain campaign staff to the dogs in her uber-selling memoir Going Rogue. But McCain it would seem, along with the rest of the Republican party, knows where his bread is buttered these days and has nothing but glowing remarks for Palin. (Video below)

I think that Sarah Palin is a — has earned herself a very big place in the Republican political scene. I’m proud of her. I am entertained every time I see these people attack her and attack her and attack her. She’s irrelevant, but they continue to attack her. I am so proud of her and the work that she is doing and.

[Gregory] You thought her book was fair?

Oh, sure. Yeah. I, I enjoyed her book. I — look, if 2,000…

[Gregory] She kind of felt like she was thrown under the bus by the McCain campaign at some level.

Look — oh, listen, we have a wonderful relationship, Todd and Sarah and I. Just saw her recently. And I’m, I’m very proud of her. And, and we need vigorous discussion and debate in the Republican Party. She’s going to be a big part of that discussion and debate in the future…

I think you’d be hard-pressed at this point to find anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is irrelevant. But what is perhaps most curious about McCain’s bonhomie support of Palin is whether in coming out in support of her McCain is still trying to justify his decision to appoint her his running mate or whether he is merely running scared along with the rest of the party ahead of its most powerful member. The irony of all this, of course will be if at the end of the day McCain goes down in history as the man who unleashed Palin on the political stage.

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