U.K. Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s High-Five Turns Into Awkward Boob Slap

Trump: If Election Were Held Today, ‘I Would Win By a Lot More’ Than I Did in November

Hollywood Celebrities, Please Stay ‘Woke’ for Jon Ossoff

British PM Theresa May Announces Early General Election Over Brexit

Samuel L. Jackson Channels Pulp Fiction Character in Anti-Trump Radio Spot

Report: Israel’s Labor Party Is Postponing an Election Due to Britney Spears Concert

…There’s No Need to Feel Down? YMCA Permanently Bans Cable Stations in Gym After Political Fights Erupt

A Woman Has Left Her Husband of 22 Years Because He Voted For Trump

‘I’m Proud of the Vision and Values We Fought For’: Hillary Sends Holiday Email Thanking Supporters

‘Dylan, I Know You’re Upset About the Election’: CNN Panel Blows Up Over Trump’s Election ‘Mandate’

Election-Based Art Exhibit Offends Minority Students, Causing University To Shut It Down

Massachusetts College Won’t Fly American Flag on Campus

CNN Asked Voters to Leave Them Post-Election Voicemails and 1500 Did

Woman in Labor Stops to Vote Before Going to Hospital

Ex-FBI Official: Comey Didn’t Want FBI’s Name On Russia Statement, Citing Election Timing

AP Reporter Says Russian Officials Have Offered to Be Present At Some States’ Polling Places

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: Trump’s ‘Making It Very Clear’ He Won’t Accept Any Outcome Showing Him Losing

Trump: The Election’s Being Rigged ‘At Many Polling Places – SAD’

Just So You Know, Jill Stein Spends More on TV Ads Than Trump Does

A Single Tamale May Have Changed a Presidential Election- And American History

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