ABC News Reporter Called Out on Twitter for Informing Cops on Texas Grocery Store ‘Looters’


There are a lot of people on Twitter who are really mad at Tom Llamas for informing the police about “looters” he witnessed at a grocery store in Texas.

The ABC News reporter is covering the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey today, and he tweeted out these messages about alleged thieves in the flood-ravaged state.

Llamas’ mention of a body is certainly troubling, and the integrity of law and order should be maintained at all times. The Twitterverse, however,  thinks Texas emergency services have bigger things to worry about than petty theft at the moment, and Llamas shouldn’t be tattling on flood refuges who might not know where else they’re going to find food.

Worth nothing that Llamas HAS been on the ground in Houston for five days so perhaps Twitter should cut him some slack, but they seem more aggrieved at his reporting:

Llamas eventually acknowledged the blowback, and he offered an explanation for his previous reporting while including a screenshot of his now-deleted tweet:

[Image via screengrab]

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