Adam Levine: Vote For Obama Or ‘I’ll Lose My Sh*t’

This Election Day, if you need a reason to vote for President Obama, look no further than someone who vaguely resembles that obnoxious guy who lived in your dorm hall, walked around shirtless, reeked of Axe body spray, and played generic songs on his guitar with the door open thinking it would attract all the ladies.

Yes, I’m talking about Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, the Bard of White Bread Soft-Rock.

He wants you to re-elect President Obama this fall, and he offered up a stern warning to America last night via Twitter:

Maybe we should listen to him, America. Because brilliant, scholarly celebrities of great rapport, like Mr. Levine, are precisely why we turn to famous people for voting advice. I wouldn’t know who to vote for this November if it weren’t for the insight of Levine, Ted Nugent, Donald Trump,, Eva Longoria, etc.

Okay, I know, mocking celebrity endorsements is well-worn territory. Sometimes celebrities do play a valuable role in bringing attention to important issues. But more often, they just spout off narcissistic political rants that provide nothing but fodder for bloggers like me to mock them.

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