A&E Promotes Show About the Antichrist by Trolling Religious Protesters

A&E has a new show coming out called Damien, based on the main character from The Omen who just happens to be the Antichrist. So how exactly do you promote a show like that?

Well, today at the San Diego Comic Con, A&E was presented with a great opportunity. Religious protesters come to Comic Con every year because why the hell not, and this time around, people promoting the show ended up mingling with them.

But what makes this a spectacular piece of marketing is that they were basically protesting too, holding up signs saying things like “From Flames Damien Will Rise” and “The Beast Rises” and “There Is Only Damien.”

That’s right, they trolled the religious protesters with a fake pro-Antichrist protest.

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, the team behind the viral marketing campaign went all-out:

Street teams are handing out stickers, pins with three sixes – a “mark of the beast” – and pamphlets directing convention goers to visit, a site warns visitors “He is the only way to deal with the coming end” – not a far cry from some of the other religious-themed materials handed at the Con every year…

Likewise, the small pamphlets handed out reads “the end of days is near!” and speaks of the “great atrocities” all around. “Atrocities full our airwaves. Atrocities crowd out the Internet. Atrocities stain our history.”

You can check out some of the photos and video taken from the protest below:

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