Airbnb Host Banned After Canceling Asian Woman’s Stay, Saying ‘It’s Why We Have Trump’

“I’m an American citizen. This is my home.”

Those were the words spoken by Dyne Suh in an interview that took place in February. Suh is a law student who says she was stranded after her Airbnb host canceled on her last-minute. She and her friends were driving to the location in California’s Big Bear Lake ski resort after confirming with the Airbnb host that they could add more people to their reservation. Just before they arrived, the host canceled, leaving Suh and her friends stranded. A reporter from KTLA was parked near them when it all happened. His interview, recorded on his phone, was uploaded to YouTube only recently, which sparked all of the attention Suh’s story is now receiving.

During the text exchange, the host responded to Suh’s threats of reporting them to Airbnb for racism with, “It’s why we have [DonaldTrump,” and told Suh they “would not allow this country to be told what to do by foreigners.”

The host also told the vacationing student that they wouldn’t rent to her if she were the last person on earth.

“One word says it all,” they wrote. “Asian.”

Parts of the exchange are below:

Airbnb has banned the host in question, according to multiple sources.

Suh’s emotional interview from February is above.

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